Apostle Al Forniss has traveled to many countries around the world, spreading the word of God, with signs and wonders following. He has had great Miracle Crusades in South Korea, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Venezuela, South Africa, Europe, United States, and many other countries. From Presidents to Hollywood movie stars, the Lord has allowed Apostle to speak into their lives, and God through the Apostle had healed them physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

Because of his own infirmity, he began to possess a compassion for the sick. Between the age of six months to six years old, he suffered from Chronic Asthma. He was allergic to most foods and many natural elements that he had to live in a controlled environment like a plastic bubble. This illness left his body weak and developed a deformed chest, an enlarged heart, and weakened lungs. The doctors informed Al's parents that it would be a miracle if he were to live past the age of twelve.

At the age of six, his miracle came. Al's parents laid hands on him by the teaching of Dr.Oral Roberts through television. There wasn't any immediate change, but within two weeks, doctors said that his bone structure had changed to normal.

God obviously had a great purpose for Al. At age fourteen, he had his first audible experience with the Lord Jesus. The Lord said, "Son, I have elected you to heal my people. You shall go around the world with the power upon your hands. You shall be like a doctor, but you will not go to school for it." At the age of thirty-three, Al became born again and began his journey in learning more about his newly found love,'JESUS'. He had a second visitation with the Lord and was told that now was the time that he was to be separated, consecrated and sanctified to be able to have the authority to be under God's Glory. The duration of this visitation was for two and a half hours, wherein the Lord anointed Al in becoming an international orator. Soon, doors began to open all over the world for hosting Miracle Healing Crusades.

He has hosted television programs, "The Voice and Truth" on Zion Television and, "Connected" on Alma Vision. They both were number one shows. Connected Television and Internet TV has been viewed by over 112 different countries.

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